Office Equipment Live Longer with Service

We offer full repair on all LCD, DLP, Video and Home Theater projectors. Call us for free advice on whether your projector is economically viable to repair. Before any service will be carried out, we will contact you with a complete evaluation and diagnostic (We have a $40 + Tax minimum charge). All repairs are carried out by trained professionals and come with a 30 day parts and labor warranty.

Possible Projector Problems (Problem – Cause):

Lamp light flashing – Lamp need to be replaced.
Temperature light flashing – Dirty (need cleaning), other faults depend on the projector manufacturer.
Lines in image – Cables, LCD panel or Main board.
Power Cuts Out –Power supply, Main board.
Power but no image – Lamp ballast.
No power – Internal power supply
Colors Distorted – Color wheel , diffuser out of alignment, bad LCD panel.

Please call us at 204-338-9787

All of our projector repairs includes:

- Clean air filter
- Clean housing
- Verify image quality
- Clean optics
- Check focus and zoom
- Clean fan’s
- Test inputs: audio & video
- Cleaning optics
- All our service includes cleaning